Organic School Lunches


All Larkspur Schools:

Dear Parents: We are pleased to announce that Hot Lunch sign-ups for the first trimester are open! Please visit here to sign up. Do not go to the Good Earth website. When you sign up, you will notice that we are not collecting payments at this time. You will be contacted by the District in September for payment. We have made a lot of changes this year and appreciate your patience during this transition. What has not changed is the healthy organic and tasty meals offered by Good Earth. You may sign-up between now and August 30th. First trimester service runs from August 22nd (NC/Cove) and August 23 (Hall) to November 9th. (Please note: Hall is having a school-wide BBQ and a hot dog or veggie dog will be provided to students for lunch, accompanied by salad and fresh fruit and veggies. If students wish to have something different or want additional food, they should bring their own food.)

RECENT FAQ: Will there be a vegetarian option for Mondays? - Yes we will offer tofu teriyaki. Will soup still be offered on Fridays? - Yes, no changes have been made to Friday lunch. Is meat sauce still an option on Thursdays? - Yes! We apologize for the mix up in the earlier email. No changes have been made to Thursdays. Hall will continue to offer a rotation of pesto chicken, marinara and meat sauce with the penne (with no mac and cheese rotation). Cove/NC will continue to offer marinara and meat sauce. How much do the meals cost? - Same as last year, $6 (Pizza options and pricing vary).


QUESTIONS ABOUT HOT LUNCH: Menu: Jennifer Ginsburg at National School Lunch Program: Nichole Urrea at Financial: Paula Rigney at Volunteering: Nadine Aarsheim at Technical Issues: Amy Park at VOLUNTEERS We still need to fill some of our food server volunteer teams at each school. Please contact if you can help out.


National School Lunch (NSL) If you believe you qualify for Free/Reduced lunch, please complete an application by clicking here and return it to the District Office, Attn.: Nichole Urrea, 230 Doherty Drive, Larkspur. If accepted, the district office will complete your lunch order with Good Earth.

Thank you for your patience. Hall PTA, Cove PTO, Neil Cummins PTO, and the Good Earth School Lunch program.

Cove and Neil Cummins Lunch Calendar:


Hall Lunch Calendar: